Il Caffe’

There is an old saying that if a rider wears the leaders jersey in [insert relevant stage race] they will never have to pay for a drink again in [insert relevant country]. Unspoken in that old saw is the underlying community that supports those great cyclists. In Italy, these supporters are “i tifosi”. And if the saying were perhaps a bit more accurate, a bit less grandiose, it would perhaps read, in the Italian context, that if such a rider were to find themselves in a “bar sport” the tifosi would take care of his drinks.

The heyday of the bar sport has perhaps come and gone but the Maglia Rosa cafe aims to capture that spirit. From Flemish pave to Italian switchbacks (and non-cycling sporting as well), the café hopes to be a hub for sporting folks to gather, watch and (inevitably) have polite debates about the sporting events of the day. Whether it is a pre-ride espresso and pastry or post-ride beer and panini, the café is meant to be a space to relax and live slow, if only for a moment. We believe that the same benefits found in layering the right mix components on a great frame should be found in the café. We are keen to stock and serve not just superior ingredients but ingredients that work well together. On top of that gustatory foundation, the café is built as a space for folks to engage with each other, swap new routes, talk bike tech, and debate the merits of Mario Cipollini , Marco Pantani, Francesco Moser, Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Fiorenzo Magni… or whatever else might be on your mind.