Allow us to share our passion for Bicycles and Food


Growing up in Milan, Italy in the 70s, cycling was an integral part of our daily lives. We watched racing on TV, and cheered for our local heroes at the Giro every spring. And of course I spent countless hours riding around the city and countryside with my family and friends. The bike gave me my first taste of independence and freedom as well as a lifelong addiction to speed.

As a Milanese, I was exposed to design, architecture and fashion and since I was a teenager I remember starting to develop a sense of visual curiosity which was naturally met with my growing passion for cycling. 

I was also exposed to American culture during those same years, often visiting my father who was working in Chicago. American Culture fascinated me. And in my developing imagination, NYC was the ultimate American city. 

A city that would meet my growing need for speed and action and I dreamt to have made a home.

Many years later, moving to NYC signaled the fulfillment of the desire of being part of the greatest city in the world.

After 15 years of working in fashion and design, I finally realized my dream of sharing my passions for food, coffee and bicycles in Maglia Rosa NYC.