Maglia Rosa NYC All-Around Bike



As we are obsessed about bikes, starting from the look and how sexy and attractive they can be built and finishing with the sheer functionality wether it's multitasking in the dirt or road racing, we decided to challenge this vision into a frameset that would represent what we like most about what we do.

The Maglia Rosa bike frame is made with light and strong steel Columbus Spirit tubings, that are joined together with lug construction for it's classic look and strength.

The frame is set up to accept Paul Comp Racer brakes which allows plenty of clearance for big tires (40+mm) or fenders and nice supple tires (35mm), but still give a solid and confidence inspiring braking performance.

Overall the frame and fork are designed to give a lively and comfortable all road ride, so that the bike can be built up from the ground as a daily fast and fun commuter with flat bars, fenders and a front "porteur" style rack or as a solid credit card tourer with internally routed wiring for dynamo power lights (and beyond) and drop bars for long distance use...or anything in between!

Those e frames come in a few different sizes and with the option to be ordered with flat dropouts for single speed use, or classic rear derailleur.

Oh...almost forgot, they are all hand built in Italy!


Maglia Rosa

Steel All Road Bikes

100% handmade in Italy


MR 3speed 99.jpg
MR 3speed 5.jpg