The Stelbel story started by chance.

Stelio had just bought a bike, but he didn’t like it. It was no good, he said, not even for basic chores.

Stelio Belletti – Late 70’s

Throughout the late ’70s and ’80s, Stelbel built a reputation for using unconventional tube sizes and shapes, oversized or non-circular, and occasionally for surprising the cycling world with special projects like the iconic Punta dell’Est, which was first created in 1983 and then grabbed the cycling world’s attention at the 1985 Milan bike show. By then, a number of large brands had starting using TIG welding in their construction process. Stelbel went from success to success, and when production was at its peak there were people employed at the workshop. There were also some experiments with aluminium and MTB frames. Sadly, personal problems forced Stelio to close the doors on Stelbel in 1990, and nothing more was heard from the famous Telaista – until 2013. In September of that year, there was talk of a return. The foundations were laid, and work began on returning one of Italy’s finest frame-building brands to its former glory. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Cicli Corsa and Stelio Belletti, we’re proud to present the 2015 Stelbel range to a new generation of cyclists.



stelbel bikes

Steel and Titanium racing frames

100% handmade in Italy


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